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Q. Will the remote assistance work if my PC is behind a firewall?

A. Yes, most firewalls are configured to allow outgoing connections from the computers behind them. If you use a software firewall then you may be prompted that the program is requesting permission to connect to the outside network or you may have to manually configure this.

Q. I have a DSL/cable router. Will the remote assistance work on my PC?

A. Yes, the service will work work over a static ip or dynamic ip network

Q. Can anyone else connect to and remotely control my PC?

A. No, the technician gives you a code that is only valid for a short period of time to allow the start of the connection. Once the code expires no one can access your machine remotely.

Q. How Safe is the remote support session?

A. The remote support session uses 256 bit encryption, the same that bank sites and major financial institution uses. The end user is in total control of the experience at all times and can end the session at any time if they need to by simply closing the program.

Q. What if my machine needs to be rebooted into safe mode to get repaired?

A. The software we use is a light program that can allow the machine to be rebooted into safe mode to troubleshoot and fix problems if the need arises.

Q. Do you offer onsite service?

A. We currently provide onsite support for the tri-state area and north east PA but most repairs can be done remotely in a timely fashion.